Head of Laboratory – Doctor of Biological Sciences

Yuriy Tsapko

E-mail: tsapkoul@i.ua

Personal web-site address: https://cordis.europa.eu/partners/web/plodorodie

Leading researcher

Prof.Roman Truskavetskiy - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Corresponding Member of NAAS of Ukraine

Basic directions of research activities

  • Problems of anthropogenic evolution, monitoring, agroecology and protection of hydromorphic and acid soils, development of preservation fundamentals of their optimum productive ability in terms of growing external and internal pressures.
  • Theory and practice of soil fertility man-agement.
  • Theory of buffer ability of soils, functioning regularity of their buffer mechanisms.
  • Diagnostics, optimization and regulatory prognoses for trophic regime by buffer models and indicators.
  • The accumulation-dissipation of materials based on anthropogenic and natural pressures.
  • Anthropogenic transformation of turf soils, their sustainable use and protection.
  • The dynamics and thermo-dynamics of physical and chemical processes in the soil, methods and criteria for evaluation of soil sub-stances based on their availability for plants.
  • Formation and testing of potentiometric methods in studying of natural soil. Physical and chemical properties, radiology of soils, chemical amelioration of acidic soils, agriecological condition and efficient farming on drained lands.
  • Evaluation of environmental and reclamation condition of drained soils. Setting of the feasibility of further inappropriately usage of drained soils.
  • Formation of sustainable land use of ameliorated hydromorphic landscapes.
  • Formation of innovative resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies of hydromorphic and acid soils fertility reproduction, their cultivation as an opposition to extreme external influences.

Main scientific results

  • Resource-saving technologies of the acid soils amelioration and fertility management hereof;
  • Methods of soils’ buffer capacity identification per acid-base, potassium and phosphate indices;
  • Methods of potentiometric in situ measurement of soils’ physical & chemical characteristics (individual ions content, pH, Eh factors);
  • System of criteria and methods of diagnostics and forecasting the agroecological status of hydromorphic and acid soils;
  • System of assessment/evaluation indexes for acid soils’ agroecological stability; 
  • Methods of determining the dosage rates of lime ameliorants, phosphorite and potassium fertilizers.


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Main services provided by the Laboratory
  • Diagnosis and normative forecasting of agro-ecological state of acid soils and selection of the most viable, economically valid and environmentally friendly amelioration acts which are directed to enhance their fertility and obtain high-quality agricultural products.
  • Recourse saving technologies of improving acid soils fertility (author’s support and longterm monitoring of their effectiveness).
  • Phyto-ameliorative cultivation of acid soils (author’s support and long-term control efficiency).
  • Formation of rational agricultural actions on productivity improving of grasslands and pastures (author’s support and long-term con-trol efficiency).
  • Determination of buffer capacity of soils: acid-base, phosphate and potassium

The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

The cost of services is as of July 2022

Diagnosis of nutrition and increase of crop yields
Послуга Опис
Improved productivity of grassland and pastures Calculated individually
Rational use of resources and improving the efficiency of agricultural production management
Послуга Опис
Resource-saving technologies for increasing the acidity of soil fertility (author's support and long-term control of their effectiveness) Calculated individually
Phytomelioration of acid soils (author's support and long-term effectiveness control) Calculated individually
Determination of soil buffering
Послуга Опис Індексована ціна грн
Determination of acid-base soil buffering 346.54
Determination of potassium soil buffering 360.69
Determination of soil phosphate buffering 443.26