Head of Laboratory - PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher

Maryna Zakharova

E-mail: oroshenie@ukr.net





Scientific Advisor - Academician of NAASU, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences - Prof. Sviatоslav Baliuk

Leading researchers

Lydmyla Vorotyntseva - PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher

Alexander Nosonenko - PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher

Olena Drozd - PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Researcher

Main research activities 

  • Evaluation of the modern environmental and land improvement state of irrigated, excluded from irrigation and solonetzic soils in different soil and climatic zones of Ukraine with the creation of databases and cartographic materials;
  • Study of different methods, modes of irrigation, land reclamation and cultivation on transformation of physical and chemical properties, soil processes and modes of irrigated excluded from irrigation and alkaline soils, directions of their evolution; creation of predictive models of their development and fertility; establishment of regional development characteristics;
  • Development of landscape-adapted measures providing ecosystem services, protection and fertility management of irrigated, excluded from irrigation and alkaline lands adapted to modern conditions of land use;
  • Creation of normative and methodological basis of agroecological land monitoring and prevention of degradation processes.

Main research results 

  • Patterns of modern soil evolution under irrigation, land reclamation and by soil exclusion from irrigation;
  • Soil and environmental aspects of rehabilitation and development of irrigation to adapt to climate change;
  • The system of criteria and indicators of soil quality and water quality for irrigation: method of evaluation and technology improvement;
  • Methods of survey, evaluation and measures to improve environmental and land improvement state of irrigated lands and adaptive control of their fertility;
  • Concept of innovation development of chemical land reclamation and modern activities and technologies of reclamation of natural solonetzic and secondary saline soils of Ukraine.

Basic services provided by the Laboratory:

  • Soil and agrochemical survey providing relevant analytical and cartographic materials, information on available resources of lands by natural and effective fertility.
  • Field survey and assessment of environmental and land improvement state of irrigated lands in terms of quality irrigation and ground water, soil properties, quality of agricultural products. Recommendations to improve the state and fertility of soils.