ISSAR Experimental Station in Lugansk

 The activity of Experimental Field is temporarily suspended from 16/06/2014.

Address: 93733, Lugansk region, Slavyanoserbsky district, Metalist township, str. Oktjabrskaja 14

Phone: +38 (0642) 52-71-19;


Basic directions of research activities:
  • To provide priority tasks of agricultural science in the field of soil protection and increasing fertility;
  • Adaptation of new growing crops technologies to soil and climatic conditions of the Lugansk region;
  • Solving the actual tasks of soil protection in the Lugansk region, in the Donetsk region and increasing their fertility, to create soil-protective agricultural landscapes based on against de-flation complexes;
  • To provide a combination of modern computer technology of antierosion projec-tion in land management projects for ecological and economic assessment of crop rotation and land arrangement;
  • To carry out research aimed at soil protection from industrial pollution, to reduce mi-gration of heavy metals in soils and their supply to agricultural products;
  • Development of selection and seed-growing work in the Lugansk region; 
  • Development of rational fertilization systems for the Lugansk region conditions, regulation technology of crops trace element nutrition;
  • To carry out research aimed at the development of animal husbandry and sustainable use of local organic waste;
  • Economic assessment of innovation and investment development of agroindustrial complex in Lugansk region;
  • Creation, development and implemen-tation of innovations, which includes testing, approbation of scientific developments and their research and consulting support, to ensure the functioning of the regional center for scientific support of agroindustrial production in Lugansk region.