ISSAR State Enterprise "Experimental Farm "Donetske"

Director - Lionty Chernenko 

Address: 85299, Donetsk region, Dzerzhinsk, Suha Balka township, str. Myru 1

Phone: +38(06236) 2-81-98







ISSAR State Enterprise "Experimental Farm "Donetske" was created on the basis of Donetsk Research Station in 2006
Basic directions of research activities:
  • Active promotion of NSC ISSAR in the work on carrying out field experiments on the use of plant growth regulators and development, bentonite clay, humic fertilizer, production testing and introduction of scientific and technological development and improvement of fertilizing crops and introduction of resource-saving technologies of crop growing in terms of slope, plain landscape and forest belts in the system of contour farming drainage systems;
  • Scientific support and research of the effectiveness of the fertilizer and regulatory development with soil-protective technologies on crop yields and soil fertility;
  • Production of the new varieties of crops (mustard, rapeseed, soybean, sorghum, flax);
  • Production and sale of milk and meat; rearing young cattle Red Steppe breed.