Head of Laboratory - Maxim Solokha, PhD (Geogr. Sciences)








Leading researchers
Yaroslava Borodina, PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher

Maryna Lazebna, PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher
Basic directions of research activities
  • Development and improvement of meth-ods for developing reference materials for soil composition (agrochemical indices) of soils; making individual parties of the standard samples (agrochemical indices) of soil (consisting of 
  • Centre for Public Soil Reference Materials Service by NSC ISSAR.
  • Implementation of measurement of indicators of soil samples and plant samples and water standardized and effective temporarily admitted to using techniques laboratory and analytical studies of application of modern means of the measured technology.
  • Development of new and improvement of existing methods of measuring parameters of soil properties.
  • Aeromonitoring by using unmanned aircraft systems.
  • Supporting of activities of the Technical Committee of Standardization TC142 concerning standardisation (normative and methodological) and metrological supporting the field of soil science, agrochemistry, soil protection and certification of land for organic farming.
  • Development of normative and legal documents of different levels (TS, ISO, DSTU,GOST, specifications, etc.), including methodological assistance in drafting technical regulations and specifications and their subsequent registration (accounting).
  • Technical translation of international and European standards, taking into account the specific terminology in the field of soil science, agrochemistry and soil protection.
  • Conducting control of norms, metro-logical expertise, preparing and editing nor-mative documents of different levels (TS, ISO, DSTU,GOST, specifications, etc.) and research documents(dissertations, reports on research work,etc.) in the field of soil science, agrochemistry and soil protection.
  • Development of quality management system of metrological and scientific research
We offer as the Center of the State Service of Soil Standard Samples:
  • Development of documents for accredi-tation of measuring laboratories in accordance with valid requirements;
  • Creation of standard samples of soil com-position including organizational, scientific and methodological support of work;
  • Carrying out rounds of inter-laboratory comparisons of measurement results to evalu-ate the quality of analyticalork in the field of soil state control
Main research results
  • Developed International Standard of sample composition (agrochemical indices) of Сhernozem typical heavy loam, for use in public metrological supervision and control for measuring systems, certification of measurement, control errors of measurement results.
  • Developed of Industry certified reference materials for soil composition (agrochemical indices) of Chernozem ordinary and sod podzolized soil.
  • DSTU 7861: 2015 Soil Quality. Definition of metabolic calcium, magnesium and potassium in the soil by Shollenberher in modification of NSC ISSAR.
  • DSTU 7948: 2015 Soil Quality. Carrying out analyses.General requirements.
  • DSTU 8347: 2015 Soil Quality. Determination of available sulfur in modification of NSC ISSAR (with cancellation in Ukraine GOST 26490-85).
  • Brochure “Precision Agriculture - the future of agriculture”, 2015
  • The methodical approach of conversion aerial photos and spectral analysis of orthophotos with georeference
  • 312 normative documents in the field of soil science, agrochemistry and soil protection, including163 harmonized with international and European standards.
  • Concept of development of standardization in the field of quality and protection of soil.
  • Branch standardization program in the field of quality and protection of soils.
  • Guidance on the procedure for the implementation of normative – methodical providing in the field of soil quality and soil protection.
  • Recommendations for implementation of the land certification system for organic farming in Ukraine.
  • Recommendations on conducting metrological control on certification of land in terms of organic farming.
  • Glossary of standardized terms in soil science, agrochemistry and soil protection.
  • Manual to confirm the accuracy of mea-surements in test laboratories.
  • The state certified reference material of soil composition (agrochemical indices) of chernozem typical heavy loam (SCRM 163.5-15) and branch certified reference material of soil composition (agrochemical indices) of chernozem ordi-nary and sod-podzolized soil.

Basic services provided by the laboratory

  • Highly qualified specialists perform chem-ical, physico-chemical analysis of soil, ground-water, plants for basic and targeted research (19 indicators), conducting by research subdivisions of the Institute.
  • The laboratory performs work to agribusinesses, consults on methods of analysis of soil, water and plants.
  • Analysis of soil samples on a unique laboratory equipment of SoilCares company (Netherlands), where rapid methods can determine the content in the soil of basic macro- and microelements, organic matter, pH and particle size distribution.
  • Aerial photography for the rapid assessment of the state of agricultural crops and making recommendations about nitrogen fertilizers.

The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

The cost of services is as of July 2022

Services on Standardization and Metrology
Послуга Опис Індексована ціна грн
Development of normative and regulatory documents of different levels (TR, DSTU, SOU, TU, etc.), including methodical assistance during the development of technological regulations and specifications with their subsequent registration (accounting) Calculated individually
Technical translation of international and European standards, taking into account the terminology specific in the field of soil science, agrochemistry and soil protection Calculated individually
Conducting of normative control, metrological examination, registration and editing of normative documents of different levels (SOU, DSTU, TU, TP, etc.) and research documents (dissertations, reports on research work, etc.) in the field of soil science Calculated individually
Development of a package of documents for attestation (accreditation) of measuring laboratories in accordance with current requirements Calculated individually
Creation of standard samples of soil composition (state, industry, enterprises), including organizational and scientific and methodological support of these works Calculated individually
State standard sample of the composition (agrochemical indicators) of chernozem typical heavy-grained 1 sample 500g 1588.67
Industry standard sample of content (agrochemical indices) of chernozem ordinary low-humus (ГСЗУ 01-2015) 1 sample 500g 1588.67
Industry standard sample of content (agrochemical indices) of sodpodzolic sandy soil (ГСЗУ 02-2015) 1 sample 500g 1588.67
Carrying out lectures and consultations
Послуга Опис
On standardization and metrological support of works in the field of soil science, agrochemistry and soil protection PhD
On standardization and metrological support of works in the field of soil science, agrochemistry and soil protection Doctor of Sciences
Services for the analysis of soils, water and plants
Послуга Опис Індексована ціна грн
Determination of available compounds of phosphorus and potassium by the Chirikov method 158.96
Determination of available compounds of phosphorus and potassium by the Machigin method 296.85
Determination of organic matter 259.79
Determination of group composition of humus 1590.03
Determination of available (labile) organic matter of soil by the M.A. Egorov method 797.01
Determination of exchangeable calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium in the soil 288.43
Determination of the capacity of soil absorption 589.43
Determination of nitrates and exchange ammonium in soils 244.34
Determination of nitrate nitrogen in soils 127.58
Determination of hydrolytic acidity 86.08
Determination of particle size (granular) of the soil 840.38
Determination of micro aggregate composition of soil 708.80
Determination of pH of a water extract 64.42
Determination of common forms of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in plants 762.42
Determination of the pH of the salt extract 81.96
Determination of phosphorus in water 122.66
Preparation of extractor to determine the content of available forms of heavy metals 134.29
Preparation of the extractor to determine the content of hard-fixed forms of heavy metals 133.87
Determination of the content of heavy metals on the Saturn-4 device 26.61
Determination of calcium and magnesium on the С-115М1 device 38.04
Determination of nitrate nitrogen on the СФ-46 device 47.61
Determination of sodium and potassium on a flame photometer 24.04
Determination of hygroscopic moisture 70.55
Preparation of soil for analysis (crushing to powder condition - 20 g) 187.18
Determination of the quality of plant products on the ІЧС-4250 device 48.34
Internship at the Instrumental Soil Research Methods Laboratory
Послуга Опис Фіксована ціна грн
Study of theoretical aspects PhD 109.12
Study of theoretical aspects Doctor of Sciences 136.48
Joint performance of works 42,45 (PhD), + cost of 1 sample 109.12
Rational use of resources and improving the efficiency of agricultural production management
Послуга Опис
Determining the level of availability of soil nutrients (NPK) and the reaction of soil solution (pH) with the results in a report 15 UAH/1 ha