Head  – Vasyl Hromyak, PhD (Agricultural Sciences) 


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Leading researchers
Valeriy Belolips’kyi - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher 
Valeriy Tarasov - PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher 
Kostyantyn Tokhtar’ -  PhD (Biological Sciences), Senior Researcher
Nataliya Krynychna - PhD (Biological Sciences)
Main directions of research
  • Development of methods for mapping eroded lands for modern agricultural landscapes.
  • Spatial estimate of erosion and hydrological processes and minimizing based on basin concept.
  • Development of ravine formation theory on hollow net of slope land and methodology of stabilization.
  • Development of a system of evaluation of contamination of crops by different content of heavy metals in the soil.
  • Development of scientific and organizational approaches and market - oriented tools for experimental test production and consult-ing support transfer of innovative technologies and products in agriculture.
  • Formation of collections of gene pool peas and chickpeas samples and their effec-tive use.
The most important research results
  • Complex of land improvement measures to protect eroded soils.
  • Evaluation method of soil erosion in agricultural landscapes by geodetic methods.
  • Technique of environmental justification of rational soil-water-protective structure of sown areas (for example, Luhansk region).
  • Methods of evaluation and optimization of agricultural landscapes in terms of moisture.
  • Technology of winter wheat and sun-flower growing in soil and climatic conditions of Luhansk region.
  • Belolips’kyi V.O. Soil-protective optimizing agricultural landscapes: Textbook. Sumy: University Book, 2012.
  • Bulyhin S.Yu., Belolips’kyi V.O. Soil protective optimization of agro landscapes: monograph. Kiev: Agricultural Science, 2012.
  • Tarasov V.I. Theoretical basis of ravine formation by modern conditions of land use for the Northern Steppe of Ukraine. Kharkiv, 2016.
  • Belolips’kyi V.O., Polulyakh M.M. System of protection against water erosion for soils of slope areas of Steppe agricultural landscapes. Kharkiv, 2016.
We offer
  • Scientific advice, information and techniques for the assessment of soil structure of agricultural landscapes.
  • Development of soil-protective systems and technologies for farms and rental sites.
  • Scientific and practical advice on farming in crop production.
  • Match the original forms for breeding peas and chickpeas.
  • Evaluation of soil and crops