Head of Laboratory - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

Ievgen Skrylnyk



Leading researchers
Аngela Kutova - PhD (Agricultural sciences),Senior Researcher
Viktoria Hetmanenko - PhD (Agricultural sciences), Senior Researcher

Basic directions of research activities

  • Measurements in the field of the environ-ment control (certificate№100-4142/2011 from 01.08.14). Branch of certification – quality of soil organic matter, localraw materials, organic and organic-mineral fertilizers, biostimulants.
  • Development of scientific bases of eval-uation of agrochemical characteristics of local raw materials with different origin and technologies of processing it into organic and organic-mineral fertilizers with the preparation of technical documentation for technological processes and fertilizers.
  • Monitoring of soil agrochemical characteristics and humus under the effect of different fertilization and cultivation systems.
  • Study of soil organic matter transformation with different genesis under the effect of modern agrotechnologies.
  • Soil organic matter management in conditions of agroinfluence of different intensity.
Main scientific results
  • Technology of biocomposting of cattle manure with phosphorites with phosphomobilizing microorganisms (practical recommendations),2011.
  • The use of straw and organic residues as organicfertilizers to improve soil organic matter state (recommendations), 2012.
  • Rational methods of processing and application of poultry litter in agricultural production(recommendations), 2012.
  • Agricultural technologies to increase soils fertility and crop productivity through new types of fertilizers (recommendations), 2016.
  • Production and use of organic fertilizers inorganic farming (recommendations), 2016.
Basic services provided by the Laboratory
  • Scientific and methodical consulting services on processing of local raw materials in-toorganic and organic-mineral fertilizers, plant-growth-promoting factor.
  • Scientific and methodical consulting services on the use of local raw materials and fertil-izerson their basis (recommendations).
  • Development of regulatory and technical documentation (specifications, technological-regulations, etc) for fertilizers.
  • Biological evaluation of new fertilizers for registration at the Department of permission-and licensing and regulatory policy of theMinistry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.
  • Scientific and methodological advisory for carrying out laboratory and analytical works

The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

The cost of services is as of May 2022

Rational use of resources and improving the efficiency of agricultural production management
Послуга Опис
Attracting local raw materials for the production of liquid and solid organic and complex organo-mineral fertilizers (up to 6 months) from 50000 UAH