Polisska Experimental Station of National Scientific Center "Institite for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky"


Director - Volodymyr A. Havrylyuk, PhD (Agrarian Sciences),Senior Researcher

Address: 4300,Volynsk region, Lutsk, str. Shevchenko 35.

Phone: +38(0332) 72-87-66

E-mail: ds-iga@ukr.net




Leading researchers
Andrei Bortnik - PhD (Agrarian Sciences)
tel.: (096) 232-56-86
Oksana Valetska - PhD (Agrarian Sciences)
tel.: (096) 222-82-07
Olga Kolyada
PhD (Agrarian Sciences)
We conduct research on studying of soil cover and develop of organic and organic-mineral fertilizers with high efficiency
Our achievements:
  • Defended 16 PhD dissertations;
  • Prepared 8 utility model patents;
  • Developed and approved 4 Technical conditions for fertilizers and plant growth stimulators;
  • Published 3 books, 3 textbooks, 29 meth-odology instructions and recommendations and more than 400 scientific articles.
  • Currently we participate as a Partner in the project “Rehabilitation of reclamation network to promote economic growth in rural areas of Volyn region” concluded in the program “Support of Regional Development of Ukraine”, funded by the EU.
Our offers:
  • Development of methods for the man-agement, conservation and restoration of soil
  • Manufacturing technology and application of new fertilizers and growth stimulators,ameliorant
  • Perform soil and plant analysis
  • Carrying out agrochemical and environmental studies of soil
  • Implementation of scientific support for various projects on sustainable use of natural resources, efficient use of fertilizers and ecological environmental problems
  • Development of investment projects and business plans for agricultural
  • Studying radiation situation and development of integrated recommendations for growing crops in conditions of nuclear pollution