Postgraduate study and Doctoral study

Head of Postgraduate Study - Ludmyla Vorotyntseva,
PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher
The Institute is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on preparation of PhD on specialties: 201 Agronomy (discipline 20 Agricultural Sciences and Food) and 091Biology (discipline 09 Biology). 
The term of postgraduate study - 4 years, doctoral study - 2 years.
The Institute has a highly qualified staff to train PhD and DSc: 3 academicians, 1 correspond-ing member, 12 DSc, 6 Professors, 49 PhDs.
The Institute has a strong material base for quality training of graduate students and the performance of dissertation research. There are two certified measuring (analytical) laboratories, Laboratory of instrumental methods of research and Laboratory of soil organic fertilizer and humus. The Institute has a developed research network; there are sites for field experiments. 
The Institute coordinates 89 stationary field experiments in the Ukraine that are included in the state register and are a national treasure.
The Institute is provided by the library collection, which includes more than 70 thousand copies, including 26 thousand periodicals. There is an access to electronic libraries. With “IRBIS” it was created an electronic catalog and five proprietary databases, providing access to search and use electronic versions of scientific literature library, both within the Institute and beyond.

The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

The cost of services is as of July 2022

Scientific guidance for graduate students
Послуга Опис Фіксована ціна грн
PhD year 20213.80
Doctor of Sciences year 25281.30
Doctor of Sciences, Professor year 31950.60
Doctor of Science, Professor, Corresponding Member (Academician) year 39936.80