The NSC ISSAR possesses a wide range of resources:

  • Structurally, the Institute holds 5 departments, 11 laboratories and 1 sector (group), (whereby two analytical laboratories (i.e.,“Organic Fertilizers & Humus Laboratory” and “Laboratory for Instrumental Methods of Soil Research”) have been duly certified to National Expertise Procedure of Ukraine);
  • “Laboratory for Instrumental Methods of Soil Research” has successfully participated in implementing a series of test analysis studies in the KOOMET 415/RU/08 Project;
  • 5 experimental farm sites (in four regions of Ukraine of the total 7,858 ha area, including arable land - 5,892) covering all basic types of Ukrainian soil variety;
  • A special-design “Vegetation house” built to carry out relevant experimental work activities;
  • A conference hall to meet hundred guests. At the same time, the NSC ISSAR includes:
  • Technical Standardization Committee on “Soil Science” expertise (Register code TK-142), associated in the National Standardization System of Ukraine, and
  • State Servicing Hub for Standard Samples of Soil whose activities are directed to supply the analytical & measurement laboratories with standard samples of soil compositions of specific properties.