Head of Sector – PhD (Biological Sciences)

Tatiana Byndych


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Basic directions of research activities

  • Remote monitoring of crops’ status allows to get relevant information on the status of crops throughout the growing season
  • Comprehensive soil survey of the farm using remote sensing and ground methods includes several stages.
  • Satellite survey – reducing the number of samples – saving time and costs for soil analyses; another benefit is the continuity and relevance of the data.
  • Implementation of precision farming – saving fertilizers, increasing yields on heterogenic field parcels. Our lab creates digital maps of nutrients for each field based on satellite data and analytical laboratory soil testing data.
  • Analyses are carried out in the innovative laboratory created in partnership with Soil Cares Research (Netherlands).
  • Digital thematic mapping of agricultural lands based on satellite data.
  • Digital maps allow to:
  • analyze the conditions for growing crops on each field;
  • optimize production for maximum profit and efficient resource management;
  • account and analysis of the impact of adverse weather conditions using remote sensing data (areas of laid crops, freezing of parcels, contamination and pollution).
  • Determining areas of eroded soils
  • for monetary evaluation of land parcels;
  • for estimation of yield losses;
  • to optimize the structure of sown areas

Main scientific results

  • Methodical recommendations for adjustment of soil cartographic materials using remote sensing data;
  • Methodical recommendations for mapping of high soil erosion risk using satellite imagery;
  • Methods of quantitative assessment of high erosion risk of soil conditions using remote sensing methods;
  • Methods of quantitative assessment of soil cover structure on the bases of satellite imagery.


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Survey and evaluation of soil quality
Послуга Опис
Expertise of soil cover on the basis of GIS-technologies Calculated individually