Head of Department - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences,

Prof. Anatoly Fateev 


Leading researchers
Yaroslava BorodinaPhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher 
Valentina Samokhvalova - PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher 
Kateryna Smirnova - PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher
Dmitry SemenovPhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher
Basic directions of research activities
  • The department specializes in solving the problems of soil contamination by industrial emissions (heavy metals and petroleum) and trace element nutrition of agricultural crops.
  • The department is implementing investigations on the influence of sources of emission of pollutants in the soils and their accumulation of vegetation.
  • The development of methods of contaminants’ detoxification in soils, restoration of soil fertility. 
  • In laboratory is carried out the theoretical foundations of regulation of content in soils of Ukraine a number of heavy metals depending on the stability of these soils to pollution. 
  • The regulation of content of trace elements in soils depending on buffering capacity of soil and absorption and removal of metals by major crops. 
  • Evaluating the suitability of soils for or-ganic farming of Ukraine on the content of trace elements in soils.

Main research results

  • Standards of optimal natural content of trace elements in soils of Ukraine.
  • System of evaluation of soil on the content of available forms of trace elements.
  • Evaluation of the suitability of soil to organic agriculture on the content of trace elements and heavy metals.
  • Digital electronic maps of trace elements distribution in soils for compiling GIS “Trace elements in soils of Ukraine”.
  • Technique of soil-geochemical survey of agricultural land to assess the ecological condition of soils, the degree of contamination, provision with the microelements.
  • Recommendations for implementation in production system optimization of trace element nutrition of crops nationwide and regional levels (Kharkiv, Sumy, Kherson and Volyn re-gions).
  • Scientific basis of environmental rehabilitation of soils contaminated with heavy metals.
We offer
  • Environmental assessment of land for the establishment of fact and degree of pollution.
  • Definition of reclamation quality after the geological prospecting and extraction of mineral resources.
  • Development of polluted soils’ detoxication and decontamination technologies.
  • Assessment of soil-losses in the agricultural area, caused by pollution and soil degradation factors.
  • Development of regulatory documents (GOST, DSTU-ISO, technical specifications) on industrial pollution of soils with heavy metals and oil products, analytical methods for anal-ysis of heavy metals and trace elements, etc.
  • Identification of permissible levels of pollutants in soils, with their migration patterns in soil-plant systems.
  • Electronic maps on content of trace ele-ments and heavy metals in soils and agricultural plants using modern GIS technology.
  • Conducting field experiments and laboratory tests to determine the effectiveness of new micronutrients.
  • Development of modern micronutrients (including for organic farming) on the physiological needs of the various agricultural crops (field, garden, vegetable) and recommendations on their use.
Benefits of our research technologies
  • Informational and objectivity of findings.
  • Speed, accuracy, efficiency of field and laboratory work.
  • Scientific study of results.
  • Providing prior consultation.
  •  Analysis of soil samples in sophisticated laboratories, created in partnership with Soil 
  • Cares Research (Netherlands).
  • Increase the quantity and quality of agri-cultural crop cultures and income of producer.
  • Years of experience, profes-sionalism and high qualification of 
  • Department`s experts

The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

The cost of services is as of May 2022

Services for the analysis of soils, water and plants
Послуга Опис Індексована ціна грн
Determination of the content of heavy metals in water 97.23
Other maps in HTML format
Послуга Опис Фіксована ціна грн
The natural content of trace elements - Cu, Zn, Co, Mo, Cr, Mn, Pb, Ni (8 map scheme) - in the arable layer of soils of Ukraine 50.00
Other maps in GIS format
Послуга Опис Фіксована ціна грн
The natural content of trace elements - Cu, Zn, Co, Mo, Cr, Mn, Pb, Ni (8 map sсheme) – in the arable layer of soils of Ukraine 500.00